auntie kim
  • Lila. you burst into my room this morning and said "Mutah! (Mother). You must come! The sun is rising up and making so many beautiful colors!"  How wonderful you noticed the beauty outside and then shared it with me with such urgency and enthusiasm
  • Katie, you had your piano exam this morning.  We were almost an hour early.  Lol.  I know how much you hate to be late, so I left plenty of time in case of emergency.  You didn't really seem nervous, but I sure was!  You came out of the church with a big smile on your face and told me you felt good about it.  I'm so proud of you!  
  • Me and the babies played in the parking lot of the church.  Lila, you picked a huge bouquet of dried hydrangea flowers.  You were so delighted with it.  
  • Auntie Kim came over this morning for a visit.  Lila, daddy and I counted the number of people outside of our immediate family that you have accepted into your inner circle.  Six.  That's how many...and auntie Kim is definitely one of them.  It gives me a tremendous amount of joy to see you guys love her so much
  • After we got the girls from school we stayed down in the garage to play, then moved outside.  George, you seem to have boundless energy these days.  Always running and jumping and yelling and pestering and laughing and teasing.  Crazy little guy.  I loved it when you sat down and checked on your ouchies under your bandaid
  • The forsythia is blossoming right now.  I passed by a HUGE patch of it this morning and I plan on taking you guys there in the next couple days to take photos.  It was amazing
  • Jane, you've been playing a weird little video game the last couple weeks.  It looks like something that would have been created 30 years ago
  • At dinner we talked about interpersonal conflicts.  Conflict is tricky and feels icky.  It seems like a good idea to avoid it sometimes. never works in the long run.  I want you guys to always feel like you're able to voice your needs and articulate your feelings.  I also want you to listen to other people's needs and feelings and treat them with respect and kindness