Melissa Newbery
Melissa Newbery


Melissa newbery

  • I love babies.  I have four, but my plan was always to have 12.  I just kinda ran out of time...and space...and money.  Now I'm just waiting for my grand babies
  • If I hadn't had any kids, I would have gone overseas and worked in an orphanage.  I feel like I have enough love in my heart and hugs in my arms, that I could love a thousands babies and never be tired of it.
  • I've been a stay at home mom for most of the past 14 years.  But I've always loved learning, so I've gone to school for accounting, learned how to quilt and sew, taught myself how to make websites, learned photography, and now I'm learning video
  • I believe in simple living, and my husband and I and our four kids live in a condo.  Small space living with a big family has it's challenges, but it's afforded me the time to be home with them, and I value that
  • We have a view of Mt. Baker, and I photograph it more than I should.  It just amazes me that a sunrise could possibly be so different day after day.  It still takes my breath away, which makes my family roll their eyes, but I can't get over how beautiful it is
  • I want to become a birth photographer when my babies start school full time.  I never get tired of telling my birth stories, or listening to the birth stories of others.  I could talk/read/think about birth and babies all day long.  I didn't have a photographer at any of my births, and I highly regret it.  
  • I've known my husband my entire life.  We were born four months apart in the same small town, in the same hospital, our dads worked at the same lumber mill, we went to the same church and the same schools.  I know all of his family and he knows all of mine.  There's a certain comfort in knowing so much of each other's history
  • I hate sweating.  Which I why I hate exercise.  I'm slowly working on that
  • I have a hard time getting myself out the door to any social event, but once I'm there, I have the time of my life.  I love meeting new people and chit chatting
  • ...but, I also have a hard time keeping things superficial.  I will undoubtedly ask really personal questions and our conversation will end in tears and/or laughter.
  • I get really lonely being at home all the time, and tend to be pretty hard on myself.  Parenting is hard work.  I'm thankful for a patient, loving husband who listens to all my stories and wipes away my tears when it becomes too much
  • I'm working on my fifth (!!!) consecutive 365 project where I take and post a photo a day.  I post only one photo to social media, but I've decided to post more to my website and keep it as a journal of our days.  I have a TERRIBLE memory and looking back through my photos brings me tremendous amounts of joy.  When I started my first 365 project, I was doubtful I could find a beautiful thing to photograph every single day.  Now I know there are a million beautiful things happening every day.  Once I started looking for them, I couldn't stop seeing them.  Photography has given me the gift of gratitude, and fresh eyes on the world.

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