bday party

bday party
  • George, you had your longest day yet today. You ate your lunch AND played during the lunch break. You were extremely excited about eating twice at school.

  • George, you brought your Captain America shield with you for pick up to use as an umbrella.

  • Jane, we picked you up after school and raced back home because your friends Alicia and Ellen were already at our place waiting for us. Tia also joined us for your little party tonight.

  • George and Lila, you were really excited because Jane invited you to hang out with them. You were both feeling pretty special and grownup to be at a teenager party.

  • Lila, you helped me make the birthday cake and then did an exceptional job of licking out the bowl after.

  • Katie, you had a little mishap at school this morning. Your PE class did the “Right Right Right” run in Mundy park. You accidentally did the “Right Left Oops Backtrack Right Right” run. Don’t worry. I’m pretty sure you’re not the first, nor the last kid to get a little lost the first time. You were texting me about it, and it made me remember that time Jane was doing a run in Mundy Park and got tired on part of the trail that was near our house, and came home instead of finishing the run. I was pretty surprised to see her in the middle of the day, and ended up driving her back to the school to tell her teacher what happened. Made me laugh.

  • Jane, you and your friends hung out in the party room. I left with the babies to take Katie to Soccer and you guys were playing Rootbeer pong…and that turned into Fear Pong. It looked like you were having a lot of fun.

  • I ordered five large pizzas for dinner. We nearly ate all of it. I’m flabbergasted by the amount of food we go through.

  • George and Lila, we went to return Auntie Georgia’s suitcase while katie was at soccer. She wasn’t quite home yet, so we hung out with Uncle Ben for a while and had cake and watched a cooking show. Lila, after Auntie Georgia arrived, you sat and talked her ear off. You probably said more to her tonight than you have over the last six years.

  • Lila, we were supposed to hang out tonight, but I just couldn’t make it. I fell asleep at 9:00. You watched a movie with daddy for a bit, but fell asleep yourself. This first full week of school was hard on all of us.