little yiya

little yiya
  • I had scheduled today to be a slow day for me to relax and check in with myself, and maybe have a nap. Didn't really work out that way. Well, it started pretty well with a nice sunny walk to school, followed by a massage.

  • Jane, I got up at 5:00 and you were just coming out of the shower. I asked why you were awake so early and you told me you hadn’t gone to bed yet. OMG. And you were getting dressed and ready to go to school to meet your group there at 6:00.

  • Katie, as I came out of my massage, I started receiving texts from you. You were pretty sure you had a fever. I decided to come to your school and use my magic mommy hands to feel your little forehead. No fever. You were disappointed. I decided to sign you out anyway.

  • Katie, you and I headed out to do some errands. We went to Colours to deliver my broken painting to the framer to see what he could salvage. Then on to the library since I received an email last night that I owed $93.00 in fines. Whaaaaaaat? The whole reason we use the library is because it’s free. I looked through the list of charges, and several of them were replacement costs for books that were grossly overdue. I went through the books this morning and managed to find them all. Then on to the mall to complete a Craigslist purchase.

  • My zoom lens I use for soccer broke on Sunday. Well, it had actually broken a few months ago, but was still limping along until Sunday. I found a great deal for a lens on Craigslist, and made the plunge. I’m excited to try it out.

  • Katie, you came with me to pick up the babies. George was surprised to see you! It’s like he couldn’t even process it for a couple minutes. Lila was delighted and wanted to show you her classroom. You asked what her favorite thing in her classroom was and she showed you the earphones she wears to block noise out so the commotion of the classroom doesn’t bother her.

  • Jane, I picked you up from Stagecraft after school and you were still flying high. I wonder when your all-nighter will catch up with you? You said you got a great mark on your project and the teacher complimented you on your presentation skills and how well you engaged the audience. You said the lack of sleep was worth it.

  • Lila, you came with me to take Katie and our carpool girls to soccer. We hung out for a while at the field and chitchatted about life and things. You love hanging out with me so much. This one on one time is critically important to you. Of all my babies, you’re the one who needs it the most….and I’m happy to give it to you. You’re a real treasure and we have a great time together.

  • Katie, you’re really struggling with getting your contacts out. You can get them in just fine, but getting them out is a different story. You need dad to coach you through it every time. It took you two hours the other night. Hopefully, it’ll be faster tonight. You really need to wear contacts for soccer now. Your coach spoke to me about it a couple weeks ago, because it’s actually against the league rules to play with glasses. Plus, it gets tricky in the rain because you can’t see with your glasses, and you can’t see without them.