welcome home jane!

welcome home jane!
  • We could see the sky today!!!!  Hallelujah.  I've been anxiously awaiting the day we would become reacquainted with the sky and the sun and fresh air.  I couldn't stop looking at it.
  • Katie and George, daddy took you to a Vancouver Canadians baseball game today with Uncle Ben. Neither of you knew what to expect and didn't seem overly excited to go, but then you got there and had a great time.  Daddy said the poutine was the best poutine he's ever had.  Katie, daddy said you seemed genuinely interested in the game.  Uncle Ben was commentating it for you, so it was easy to understand what was going on.  George, you lasted about five innings, then had a little meltdown.  Daddy took you to the bathroom and got you another hotdog, then you seemed to perk up and have fun again.   Thank you Ian for being the guest photographer on my blog today.
  • Lila, you and I spent the afternoon alone.  It's extremely rare for me to be at home with just one kid.  You loved every single minute of it.  You loved having me all to yourself.  You didn't stop talking the entire time.  You have a lot of interesting thoughts.  You helped me make dinner.  You told me you need to learn to cook because when you're a teenager like Jane and Katie you're going to have a boyfriend and you'll need to feed him everyday until you're adults and get married and have kids.  Good for you for thinking ahead (but please make sure you marry someone who can cook for himself.)
  • Lila, we ate dinner alone.  You cleared the laundry off two spots, then got the rose you had given Katie for her birthday to act as a center piece.  You were pretty please with your work.  As we ate, you were talking about Eden and then pretended to phone her and have a conversation with her.  It was very cute.  We have a FaceTime date on Tuesday so you two can catch up.
  • Jane, today was the end of your sleepover week with Tia.  We missed you while we were gone.  Lila was very happy to see you again.  But do you know who missed you most of all?  That's right...Katie Bean.  She was all melancholy and quiet yesterday because she missed you.  She hesitantly admitted it to me, but would rather die than admit it to you.  She tried to pretend she wasn't happy to see you again, but none of us bought it even for a minute.  So you guys did what good sisters do.  You wrestled for a minute, then you sat on her until she screamed.  Then you finally had a hug that lasted about an eighth of a second before moving on...cause it wouldn't be cool if your sister knew you loved her.  Hahaha.  So fun.
  • Lila, you've been making animals out of duplo and adding that silly coon tail of daddy's.  You laugh hysterically ever time you complete one.
  • Jane, you worked hard at trying to convince me that you need to buy SIMS 4.  I'm violently opposed to Sims, so you've got your work cut out for you.  You started the speech in the living room, then when I took the crazy babies out for a walk, you followed me outside to continue the conversation.  You're pretty certain you need it.  I'm pretty certain I'd like you to live in the real world and make real life connections.  You seem pretty determined though, so I'm interested to see where this goes.
  • Jane and Katie, our friends gave you two big bags of clothes tonight.  You had so much fun going through them and trying them on.  Such great stuff!  You were completely delighted with your new wardrobe.  You even took them to your room and organized and cleaned your closets.