keekee b

keekee b
  • I didn’t get out of bed until noon today.  Daddy has been so kind about getting up early with the babies so I can sleep.

  • I started my day with an apology to grandma.  I was being silly last night and made an off coloured joke and used crude language, and I could tell that I had deeply offended her.  Her feelings are important to me, so I wanted to tell her that I regretted saying it.  She graciously accepted my apology.

  • Jane and Katie, you wanted to go shopping today.  Jane, you needed to get a gift for a friend, and Katie, you had a Chapters gift card burning a hole in your pocket. 

  • We took dropped by Grandma’s place so auntie Shari could pick up her things for work because she needs to go back tomorrow, then to Chapters so Katie could buy her books.  Next stop Michaels, where Jane got yarn for her friend.  The last stop was Costco where we got some more coffee…and in true Costco fashion, I ended up walking out of there spending 3x more than I planned.  Katie and Jane, you both got sports bras and socks and I threw in a package for Auntie Shari too, because I’m just awesome like that.

  • Auntie Jenny made a turkey dinner tonight under grandma’s expert tutelage .  It was delicious.  There’s nothing better than a turkey dinner. 

  • We continued our Estevan Rummy tournament.  Once again we all banded against auntie Shari.  It was beautiful.  Good thing she’s a good sport about it.

  • Lila, you have read with grandma every evening we’ve been here. You two slip away into auntie Jenny’s bedroom and read through a massive pile of books. I love how you cuddle up and get so absorbed in the stories. It reminds me of Jane when she was little.