quick meet up
  • Grandma texted me this morning to see what we were up to. They were going to be at the Kelowna airport around 11 and wondered if we could meet for lunch. They are flying down to spend a couple weeks with Auntie Becca. They had to fly from Kelowna because they were taking Belle with them and ran into some complications when flying with her from Kamloops.

  • We packed up and said our goodbyes to the Newbery’s. I think everyone was tired and full of cheese. Lol. We headed to the Kelowna airport. The snow was just barely starting. Daddy was already feeling a little anxious about driving over the connector in the snow, and wanted to leave early to beat it. That road is pretty bad at the best of times, never mind when it’s snowing and foggy.

  • We had a nice lunch at WhiteSpot. I love the burgers there. The waitress was kind enough to let us sneak the dog in, in her kennel. Otherwise we would have had to eat in shifts!

  • The trip home was pretty quiet. Everyone snuggled in and fell asleep pretty quick. Katie, you enjoyed the quiet to read your new book. The roads were ok, with just a few slippery sections here and there.

  • When we arrived home, I opened the front door and immediately looked for the cat. I had forgotten that she wouldn’t be there. It felt pretty sad for a minute. She was such a nice kitty and was always so happy to see us when we returned from a trip.

  • We put everything away, then everyone retreated to their own spaces. We all love visiting, but it’s good to be home in the quietness of our own home.