all four
  • I had a busy day today.  I did a documentary session in the morning as well as some headshots.  I really really liked photographing that family.  I could be super happy doing that for a living.  It's like all the photos I've been taking of you guys the last few years has been my training for a photography career.  I have always wanted to go into business but I just haven't had the time or energy the last few years to do it properly, but I want to get things going for real this summer.  I've been doing more and more work and I'm going to build on the momentum.  
  • George and Lila, when I got home you were down in the courtyard playing wedding.  You guys are pretty darn cute.  George, you're wearing the dress Jane wore to her grade 5 graduation.
  • Daddy was busy all day doing report cards, so I took you all out for a few hours to give him some peace and quiet.  We went out for dinner and did some grocery shopping at Costco.  It's so easy to stretch out the hours when we're out and about.  You guys are non stop with silliness and interesting things to do.  It's highly entertaining.
  • Jane, you had a hard day.  I didn't think you'd come with us when we went out, but I was so happy you did.  It was really fun to have the four of you together.  It wouldn't have been the same without you.