• George, again, with the licking.  And your shirt was on inside out too.
  • Lila, we went to pack your lunch in your backpack this morning and discovered the cat had peed on it.  So gross.  Your backpack was already semi broken, so we decided to toss it and get you a new one.  
  • We went to the mall after school.  After we completed our purchases (a pink Paw Patrol backpack) we sat out on the bench in the little courtyard area.  The sun was out and actually had a little warmth in it.  
  • Lila and George, there was still a big pile of snow,  and you had the best time playing on it.  
  • Jane, you and I soaked up some sunshine and chatted.  You looked so lovely sitting in that light I couldn't help but take some photos of you.
  • Katie, you had a soccer game out in Surrey tonight.  We went to the wrong parking lot and ended up having to walk the loooooong way around to get to the field, but it was all worth it because we walked down that sidewalk and it was pretty cool.  As usual, you played really well even though you complained big time about having to play tonight.  As soon as you get out on the field, you totally come to life.