happy new year!
  • I skunked daddy at crib today. It was wonderful. I had to take a photo to commemorate it, as it doesn’t happen often.

  • I made buns to take to our New Years party tonight. I haven’t made them for a long time. I forgot how heavenly fresh bread makes the house smell. So satisfying.

  • We all got dressed up for the party at the Larsens. It doesn’t happen often, so I made Donny take a million pictures of us.

  • The party was so fun. Lots of food…DELICIOUS food! And funny people who kept us entertained with stories. Jane and Katie, Kim had set up a vintage Nintendo system in the basement for you guys to play. They also had a fire and blankets under the gazebo so you could hang out outside.

  • George and Lila, I cannot believe you both made it up until midnight. You’re both little party animals.

  • Katie, you looked like you were ready to pass out around 11. It was hard work keeping you awake until midnight.