klausmayer/newbery, the second generation

klausmayer/newbery,  the second generation
  • George, daddy took you to play hockey this morning. The rink in Poco has a cool little set up for kids 7 and under to learn to play hockey with their parents. You were so excited. When you came home, you were so happy and so tired. Daddy said you worked really hard out there.

  • Katie, I dropped you off at Tamara’s around noon for a sleepover. You guys had a big day planned at the mall. You were so happy to be with your friend after not seeing anyone for quite a few days.

  • Lila, you and I had a nice quiet day together. We just hung out and did this and that around the house. It was really great.

  • George, I tried to lay down for a nap with you. You obviously needed a rest, but were so hyped up about the hockey, you couldn’t settle down. Eventually I told you that you didn’t have to sleep, but I really needed you to help me sleep. I told you that I felt so happy and snuggly and warm when you were beside me, that you agreed to help me fall asleep. You nodded off about a minute later.

  • We went to visit the Klausmayers at their new place in Deep Cove. Auntie Cindy made us delicious waffles with berries and whipped cream. George, you and and Spencer got busy playing Beyblades. Lila, you and Mallory disappeared into her room to play LOL dolls. It was the first time you guys have just played and played without having to be around us. It was very nice to sit at the table and eat and visit without constant interruptions.