photographers in training

photographers in training
  • This morning was gloriously sunny. I feel so different when the sun is shining.

  • George, you played “Mini Force” at the piano for a long time this morning. Those Duplo blocks have been one of the most used toys in our house over the years. You make “guys” from them and enact epic adventures and massive battles. Your imagination is incredible.

  • Jane, I pulled a classic mom move today. You asked if I could drive you and Donny over to Tia’s to play D&D with her family. I said I would as long as you took Katie. Amazingly, everyone was super happy about it. I took you over there around noon and you all stayed until after dinner. You made biscuits to contribute to dinner. I was proud of you for doing that.

  • George and Lila, I was busy doing stuff for MWAC today and decided I needed a cover photo for the Event page of the next meeting. I couldn’t really find anything and even asked a couple ladies if they had anything suitable, so I decided to get off my lazy butt and take some. I’m very glad I did. I set up a mini studio in front of our bathroom door (super fancy), got out the lights and gave you my old camera to pose with. You got really into it. I got cute pics, and then you played photographer after that. You actually did a pretty good job photographing each other. I was pretty impressed. And it kept you busy for a good long time too. It was a win/win situation.

  • George, these are some of the pics you took:

jan 5 2019 3.jpg
  • Lila, these are some of the pics you took:

jan 5 2019 2.jpg