fishy fangs

fishy fangs
  • Katie, today was the first day of your semester break, but you still had to go to a presentation in the morning. Jane, you wanted to take your drawing tablet to school, and needed a ride. You both ended up coming to RVP to drop George and Lila off. George, your class has parent reading on Monday mornings, and so the girls were going to stay with you and read. Lila, when you heard wind of this, you were so sad because George was going to get two sisters and you got none in your class. I decided to let you come to parent reading in George’s class.

  • Jane and Katie, you each took turns reading to each baby, and I sat in the middle of everything and enjoyed the company of all my babies together. It was a good thing you read, actually, because i still don’t have my voice back. I can speak at just above a whisper.

  • I came home and did some stuff for the bathroom reno. The lights are going in today and the electrical work is being completed. There are so many little things to be done. I’m glad I’m not handy enough to tackle a renovation by myself. I think it would drive me crazy.

  • George and Lila, we stayed after school to play for the first time in a long time. It’s simply been too rainy to stay for the last couple months. You had so much fun. Lila, I can’t believe you took your socks and shoes off to run around the playground.