super wolf blood moon

super wolf blood moon
  • I’ve been struggling to take photos lately. I just plain don’t feel like it. It seems like there’s nothing to photograph and I have no creative ideas either.

  • Out of pure guilt, I went out on the deck to photograph the moon tonight. I planned on taking a couple photos and calling it a day. But something happened when I was out there. The moon was so beautiful and big and my lens picked up so much detail…I was hooked. I got all bundled up and spent the next four hours out there in the quietness taking pictures every few minutes. It was exactly what my soul needed tonight. Some time by myself, observing a magical astronomical event, capturing it all with my camera.

  • This sounds so weird, but tonight was the first time I saw the moon as a three dimensional object. I’m not sure why this hasn’t clicked in my brain until now, but it always seems so flat to me, but when I saw the light wrapping around it tonight, my brain finally understood that it was an orb. A sphere in the sky.

  • I’m hoping to make a time lapse of all my shots. I’m excited to see what I’ll be able to create.