constant motion

constant motion
  • George and Lila, I took you to Dawes Hill park this afternoon to let you blow off some steam. You ran for two hours straight. You two. Constant motion. You NEVER stop moving. Ever. It’s amazing to watch. Jane and Katie were definitely not like this at all. They liked to be outside to play, but you guys NEED to be outside every day. It was freezing, but you were running around in your clothes without a jacket. I was sitting on a bench with my winter coat, a toque, and a blanket wrapped around me.

  • When we got home, there was a beautiful rainbow. I love when the sun shines against a stormy sky. One of my very favorite things.

  • Donny came over for the day today. We thought he had to work, but he managed to get off early and was able to spend the day with us. Jane, the two of you played Tenzi while the little ones watched.

  • Auntie Georgia and Uncle Ben came over for dinner and a movie. We had a very Mennonite meal. Farmer sausage and perogies. Not a vegetable in sight. It was delicious.

  • We watched another installment of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Such an amazing show. Even daddy is starting to get into it and enjoy it. Amazing!