monday morning

monday morning
  • Today was a very Monday morning. 0/4 kids wanted to go to school. I’m accustomed to 2 or 3 kids not wanting to go, but it’s unusual when nobody wants to go.

  • George and Lila, you’ve started playing Jewel Blast on my phone when you have some spare time. You’re actually pretty good at it.

  • Jane, you really really really didn’t want to go to school. You laid in front of the fireplace for a long time just putting off leaving the house.

  • Our bathroom reno was supposed to start this morning. He said he would be here at 8:30 so I waited for him, but he didn't show. By 9:30 I was feeling super annoyed. I called him and he said he had texted me to let me know that he had food poisoning and couldn’t come today but would be here tomorrow. I didn’t receive any text! Sheesh. Hopefully this isn’t the beginning of contractor craziness.

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