sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty
  • Little Yiya, you sure like to sleep in. You were the last one up this morning. I don’t know how you can sleep and sleep with all the commotion in our little home. The door was wide open and people were talking and doing things, but you slept on and on. I don’t think I’ve taken a photo of you on your bed before. You love your bed. You have everything set up precisely how you like it. Your silly kitty poster that says “So Meowgical”, a couple works of art, a ton of stuffed animals, and a collection of blankets. You keep your pink Winnie The Pooh blanket near your pillow because you like to sleep with it tied around your head, only taking it off when you get too hot. You made a little pulley system out of scarves that you use to move items between yours and George’s beds. You’re an interesting little girl.

  • Katie, you had soccer this morning in Burnaby. We all packed up and went out there. George and Lila, you ran and ran and played and played the entire time. You took your socks and shoes off and wrestled and giggled and chased each other around. I don’t know how it’s possible for you to have so much energy. I am, however, grateful, that you can amuse yourselves with just your imagination and some room to run. You have no problem filling up a couple hours at the soccer field with all your silliness.

  • Katie, your team won 2-0. It was an important game to win because it’s for the League Championship. Your team is doing quite well, and even more importantly, you seem to all be having a lot of fun. I’m so happy with your coaches and the overall atmosphere of your team this year.

  • After the soccer game, Auntie Georgia met us and Olympia Tile to help me pick out the tiles for our bathroom. Our contractor called me a couple days ago and said one of his jobs had been postponed, so he could start tomorrow if we were able to. Whoa. That’s short notice, but we’re super keen to get it done, so I’m doing what I have to do to make it happen. I’m glad Auntie Georgia was there to help me because the selection is overwhelming. It helped that I needed to choose items that were in stock, so that narrowed the selection considerably. I’m delighted with what we ended up with. A nice warm dark grey for the floors, white subway for the shower, and aqua sea glass mosaic for the niche. It’s going to be very pretty.

  • I have to admit I got a little hangry as we shopped for tile. I should have eaten something before I started. As soon as I picked my tiles and got samples to bring home, we went to Starbucks for some coffee, then to McDonalds for some lunch. I really don’t do well when I get too hungry.

  • George, I went into the bathroom and saw all your superhero guys all lined up on the side of the tub. It was adorable. I’m so glad I had a little boy.