• Lila, you woke up with a fever and a cough this morning, and declared, with absolute certainty that you were NOT going to school today.

  • We dropped Georgie off, picked up some coffee at Starbucks, then headed to the tile place again. We needed just a few more tiles because there was a little miscommunication between the plumber and the guy who put up the drywall in the shower, and they covered over one of the hook ups. I thought Ray Ray was going to cry when he figured that out because he had to rip out a section of tile and repair and re-waterproof it. It put us behind another day at least.

  • Lila, you were delighted to find donuts at the tile store. You sat in that grimy warehouse, happy as anything with your maple glazed treat.

  • After the tile store we went to Kim’s house to help set up for Valentine’s mini sessions for Moms With a Camera. Kim is so creative and organized. I love working with her. And of course I always love the chance to snuggle with baby Audrey!

  • Katie, I didn’t really hear from you today. Just a couple little texts here and there. That’s a good sign, when you’re too busy to miss home. I hope you’re having a lovely time.

  • Jane Jane, you worked, as you usually do on Fridays, but a little later. There’s some kind of crazy promotion going on right now and they need extra people. Daddy was out cleaning Gains, and so it was just me and the babies. So quiet! I used to hate to be alone, but now I really enjoy it…but maybe because it’s just a luxury I don’t often experience.