1st solo trip

1st solo trip
  • Katie! Today was your very first solo plane trip. You’ve travel by plane a number of times before, but not alone. It’s a big thing. I’m very proud of you. For Christmas, you requested a ticket to Calgary to meet Annibelle. You thought it was completely unacceptable that she might be a year old before you would see her. It was the semester break this week, so it was a perfect time for you to go.

  • Your flight left at 9:45 so we had to be there by 8:45. We left our house at 7:45, and it’s a good thing we did! I thought we would be super duper early, but there was construction on the airport road, and we sat there for at least 20 minutes.

  • Lila, you weren’t feeling well today, so you were quite sad about having to leave your bed this morning and you were a little cranky about sitting in the airport too.

  • I used to love the Abbotsford airport because there was a huge bank of windows where you could watch the planes coming and going, but today it was all closed off. So disappointing. There’s not much else to do at that airport.

  • Katie, you were so nervous about going through security. I stood at the entrance and watched you until you were through. You passed without incident. As soon as you were across into the secure area, you called and we chatted until your plane began to board.

  • I took a photo as you walked up the ramp to the plane. You looked exactly like Beyonce.

  • George and Lila, I dropped you off at school after. I was tempted to just keep you home, but today was hot lunch, and you would be heartbroken to miss that!

  • Katie, you called as soon as you landed. I was really glad to hear your voice. We chatted until you found Uncle Danny, and then you abruptly hung up on me. Ahahaha. I guess you didn’t need me anymore.

  • It’s so different to have one kid missing. It doesn’t seem like it would make that much of a difference, but it really does. Jane, you were at Donny’s house for dinner, so we just had the little ones. It was quiet. And there was a lot of room at our table.

  • Katie, Uncle Danny sent me a video of you meeting Annie for the first time. Oh my gosh. So sweet. You’re such a little baby lover.