snow day

snow day
  • Today was the first snow day EVER! Coquitlam is famous for not closing schools but today we finally got a day to enjoy the snow without having to stress about driving. So fun.

  • Katie, George and Lila, we sledded and snowboarded on the driveway all morning. So fun.

  • I love the quietness the snow brings. There are so few cars on the road, and everything feels calm and peaceful.

  • Jane, I remember one session with Dr. Bradshaw. He asked you to picture a super happy peaceful place in your mind while he took you through a certain exercise. When he was finished, he asked you what you have pictured, and you told him you thought about a time you walked home from school when it was snowing. The streetlights were shining through the snow and everything was quiet and you could hear the crunch of the snow under your feet. As you described it, I could totally picture the whole thing. It was so beautiful.

  • Jane, you’re still not home. Things aren’t looking hopeful. You’ve cut all communication between you and I, but will text daddy. I miss you.