lights at lafarge
  • I spent a couple hours with my midwives this morning interviewing them for the project I’m working on. I really enjoy being with them. I think you have to be a certain type of person and have a pretty special soul to be a midwife. After I finished filming, I was talking to Tamara as I loaded my stuff into the van. I was telling her about my job interview (I don't thing I’ve blogged about that!!!) and what I learned from it. She was so kind and encouraging about doing what you love. She told me all about her first three years in practice, and told me to just keep believing. Keep working hard and building relationships and connections, and the business will come. I actually believe her! I feel really happy about my decision to not take the job and focus on what I love.

  • We packed up our Christmas decorations and got our tree chipped this afternoon. The house always looks so sad and empty when it’s all gone. I miss the lights and the soft glow.

  • We went to Lafarge Lake with Uncle Ben and Auntie Georgia this evening. Dang it…those lights are so pretty. And who’s cool job is it to come up with all the amazing details? I’m gonna say it again. I LOVE COQUITLAM. So many amazing things to do and see. It’s hard to imagine that this beautiful display is free and available to anyone.

  • We ended the evening with hot chocolate and mini donuts tailgate party.

  • Lila, as I tucked you in, you said this was the best day of your life. You loved the lights and walking with Auntie Georgia and having hot chocolate. So glad you liked it. We’re going to try to go again on Friday while Katie is at soccer.