• Jane, I came out of my bedroom, spotted you on the couch, and immediately went to retrieve my camera. You looked so pretty in that morning light. I love that the sun is waking up a little earlier these days. It makes a big difference to my motivation in the mornings.

  • I went out to Highstreet to meet Auntie Kim for coffee. Everyone knows our coffee days are total write offs. I arrived at 9:30 and left close to 1:00. By the time I got gas and came back home, it was time to pick the babies up from school. We haven’t met up for a while, so we had lots to talk about. Our conversations contain an odd mix of silly stories about our kids, commiserating about our husbands, things that break our hearts that nobody else knows, and then of course, just mundane everyday things that make up life.

  • I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about why I do this blog. I’ve been on the fence about continuing or not. The other day grandma Laura asked me to send the link to a particular post I had done a year or so ago. I ended scrolling through older posts and reading them and looking at the photos. I think, in the present, the value of recording our lives isn’t that high. We don’t do anything particularly amazing, and our lives aren’t glamorous or news worthy. However, the value comes in the future. It’s when you’ve long forgotten these little every day things. Things change so slowly that it’s impossible to know when you’ve done something or seen someone for the last time. I am steadfast once again in my commitment to doing this for our family. I hope that you guys will continue something of your own when you’re adults.

  • Over the last couple days, I’ve privately asked each of you who you think my favorite kid was. I was kind of joking and also kind of curious. Each of you thought it was yourself, except for you Jane. You thought George was my favorite. So interesting. I can assure you all, you’re all my favorite. I love you AND I like you. You’re all so interesting and frustrating and funny and demanding and sweet and smart and loving and…well, you’re just everything. I love all the parts of you. The parts you think I may not like, are most likely the parts of myself that I see you in that I wish I was better at.