• We left for 100 Mile this morning…well, actually this afternoon. We had planned on leaving in the morning, but it took us FOREVER to get out the door. We also stopped and went shopping at Costco on the way out of town.

  • Jane, you ended up going up with Andrais and TT and Isaiah (Uncle Luke and Auntie Claire are going up later in the week). It was so weird to see Andrais drive into our driveway, you hop into the van, and the four of you taking off to grandma and grandpas. It seriously doesn’t feel very long ago that you all were toddlers.

  • Katie, you rode with Uncle Danny, Auntie Heather and Annibelle. We needed the room in our van because we were picking up Aiden and Ethan in Mission. It was so nice to see them. They had both grown at least two feet since I’ve last seen them. I couldn’t believe my eyes. And such handsome boys too. Wow.

  • When we arrived, the boys went and found Auntie Brenda down at the lake. They were so excited to see her. It’s been a year since they saw each other. I loved seeing the whole gang together.

  • I brought a 1000 piece puzzle for us to work on. I was surprised to see you kids getting into it. I love me a good puzzle.

july 22-2 2019 1.jpg