best cousins

best cousins
  • Day five in 100 Mile. 31 people in the house. It’s intense.

  • Grandpa makes me a Jimmy special every morning when I wake up. Why don’t mine taste the same as his? His are always way better.

  • Lila, you and Annibelle are pretty cute together. You told Auntie Heather, “Where Annibelle goes, I go.”

  • George and Lila, you guys were being really loud down in the basement and woke Annibelle up from her nap. After Auntie Heather got her settled again, you approached Auntie Heather and apologized. You have no idea how relieved/happy/impressed I was. You knew you needed to say sorry without me telling you to! Oh my gosh. Maybe all my years of speeches are finally paying off.

  • George, you were out on the paddle board with Auntie Becca. She was wearing her bathing suit under her clothes. When she took them off to go for a swim, you exclaimed, “hubba hubba!!” WHERE DO YOU LEARN THESE THINGS????? You are so hilarious. Auntie Becca was flattered. Lol. Later, when I asked you about it, you said, “It was the first time I ever saw her like that. It was hubba hubba.”

  • Mattias got his L today. What????? How is that kid old enough to drive?

  • Jane, you and Andrais headed back home today. He had to work and you really wanted to be at home to have a few days to yourself. Again, it was surreal to watch the two of you drive off together. I probably texted you 20 times between you leaving and arriving. Now I know what it’s like to be the worried mom while your kid is traveling..