• George and Lila, Andrais took you guys fishing this morning. Andrais and Mattias have gone fishing every evening, and you’ve been wanting to go with them, so he made a special time to take you in the morning.

  • Katie and Jane, you and your cousins have been staying up soooooo late. It’s hilarious because we all go to bed and you kids are up for hours after us. As daddy so eloquently put it, this year marks the changing of the guard.

  • We all worked hard out in the yard again. So much to do. I laughed when I came in and saw Mattias and grandpa asleep in the office. The family resemblance is uncanny.

  • Auntie Brenda and James made bannock today. OH MY GOODNESS. It was the best bannock I’ve ever had. Auntie Brenda made a big pot of chili to go along with it. Heavenly.

  • We did our big family photo today. 19 cousins! Holy smokes. We’ve really taken our job to populate the earth seriously. Hard to believe that my family has grown that big. I wonder what our little family will look like in 40 years?