• When I got up this morning, all three Piper children were sprawled in the living room either sleeping or chilling. Very cute. James, I don’t know how you were able to sleep with all the commotion happening around you.

  • We continued on with the beautification project on the house. All you kids were sanding and painting and cleaning. Dad and I decided to weed the front garden where the lava rock is. We happily weeded in companionable silence and thought that perhaps gardening is something we should continue to do together when we get home.

  • Andrais and grandma made pies for us all. Andrais is determined to learn how to make pies, and let me tell you, he did a super great job. They made two kinds. Peach and blackberry. Both were super delicious.

  • After we worked for a good while, the rest of the day was spent hanging out and relaxing. Auntie Becca did her whipped cream thing and then made y’all play chubby bunny with marshmallows. It cracks me up every time.

  • As the sun was setting, I asked Auntie Becca to go out on the paddle board. I was everything I dreamed it would be. And she’s pretty good at obeying instructions being yelled at her across the lake.

  • We went for a midnight swim (actually a 10:00 swim) with glow sticks. I love this little tradition.