• Dareian made eggs benedict from scratch for the whole gang this morning. You can tell she’s a professional because it didn’t seem to phase her at all to cook for all those people.

  • Daddy is still weeding the front of the house. He’s obsessed.

  • George, Mattias caught a small fish and brought it up to the house. He let you play with it, and for some reason, you brought it inside, tapped grandma on the shoulder, showed it to her, then flapped it against her cheek a few times. She screamed, auntie Brenda screamed, you ran outside with a little shit-eating grin on your face…then we all died laughing. You’re something else, kid. Good thing you’re so cute.

  • Lila, you’ve been staying up so late this summer. You were still drawing at the kitchen table long after all the little kids (and most of the adults!) had gone to bed.