end of june exhaustion

end of june exhaustion
  • We're all limping to the finish line.  June is too crazy.  
  • We went to Auntie Georgia's house for a quick visit because her sister Janice is here for a few days, and Rick and Maria had stopped in for a visit as well.  
  • Jane and Katie, you're both so tired.  Katie, I was a little surprised when I looked over to see you sitting on Jane's lap having a little rest and a snuggle.  Times must be tough. 
  • The only thing that's not tired is your fashion sense Lila.  You were dazzling today.  Oh...and George...you're never tired.  You've got non stop energy.  It's exhausting.  OMG.  How?  Why?  
  • Jane and Katie, after our visit, I took you two shopping.  Jane, you needed a new bathing suit, and Katie you needed shirts.  We went to Winners.  I love Winners for two reasons.  It's reasonably priced, and we can get a variety of styles at one place.  Plus, as an added bonus, it's not at the mall, and that counts for a lot!  We had so much fun.  I'm the world's greatest dressing room assistant, and I'm fairly decent at finding the treasures in the midst of a lot of filler.  You guys both got some really great stuff.  I love how you both have such different styles but you're equally stylish.  
  • Jane, you went to a birthday party tonight at Ellen's house.  It was a fancy party, so you got all dressed up in a pretty dress and you even wore high heels!  And why I don't have a photo of this is beyond me.  Total Missy fail.   
  • Katie, you babysat the babies for daddy and I while we went on a pho date.  It's been quite some time since we've gone out.  As usual, we had a lovely time.  We ran into the Larsen family and had a little visit with them.  One of daddy's former students came up to our table to say hello as well.  I was surprised because he was a full grown man.  Wow.  We're getting old.  
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